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Liberty offers high performance greases for multi-purpose operations. They have proven resistance to wide temperature fluctuations with finest oxidation stability saving heavy wear and tear. High quality raw materials are used as base, thickeners and additives. High sheer stability to withstand long and repeated work cycle for superb performance in any condition. Less maintenance and downtime.


Brief Decription




LITHIUM EP GREASE Industri al Extreme Pressure Greases

NLGI 00, 0, 1, 2

  • Both plain and anti-friction bearings in a wide variety of application such as automotive and earth moving equipment, gear couplings, electric motors, mining equipment and general industrial machinery


LITHIUM MP-3 GREASE Multipurpose Greases


  • Passenger cars, vans, trucks, farm tractors and general industrial equipment, machine tools and home appliances
  • Recommended for the lubrication of automotive chassis fittings and bearings and for general industrial lubrication where service conditions are moderate.


MP-2 GREASE Premium quality Lithium based multi purpose grease manufactured from superior quality base oil and soap meeting IS 7623:1993 Regular type [Reaffirmed 2001];
IPSS : 1-09-006-97


  • Recommended for the lubrication of heavy-duty plain and roller bearings operating under heavy loads, high temperature and shock loading conditions


CA 2/3 GREASE Calcium (lime) based grease specially designed for chassis lubrication of automotive vehicles

IS 506 :1993

  • Recommended for chassis lubrication of all types of automotive vehicles including commercial vehicles, tractors and other heavy-duty equipment


HTX GREASE Clay thickened non-soap base smooth structure grease. It contains molybdenum disulphide for higher load bearing ability

IS 12790:1999 (Grade 2);
IPSS: 1-09-008

  • Used in the lubrication of machine elements, plain bearing and anti-friction bearings operating at very high temperatures and shock load conditions


MOLY GREASE Lithium soap base grease with molybdenum disulphide

IS 12203:1999

  • Recommended for the industrial application where lithium base grease with  molybdenum disulphide


WHEEL BEARING GREASE A sodium (soda) based grease. meeting IS 10647 :1983 with Very high melting point

IS 10647:1983

  • Recommended for lubrication of wheel bearings, universal joints and ball & roller bearings of electrical equipment of automotive vehicles


BENTONITE GREASE An inorganic clay based grease for plain and rolling bearings operating at temperatures higher than those at which conventional soap based greases can be used. It is amber coloured multipurpose grease containing anti corrosion and EP additives and is suitable for most conditions especially at elevated temperatures. The grease performance is limited only by the properties of the base oil. This grease will give excellent service life at temperatures in excess of 160°C, provided the re-lubrication period is suitable adjusted. This grease is mostly used for fans, plumber blades underground mining, plastic injection moulders, etc

Proprietary Grade

  • Bentonite greases are frequently recommended where the equipment is likely to get wet.
  • They will not wash out, and are practically impossible to blend with water

*All the products listed out across different categories are available in multiple variants/sizes.
*Kindly check on product availability in the respective country.