About Liberty Lubricants

Liberty Worldwide - Miles ahead

Liberty Worldwide is a fast growing multi-national corporate with a product portfolio of high performance Automobile, Industrial & Marine lubricants and greases of world class quality. A flagship product range, a team of highly experienced professionals, breakthrough R&D and an international network of marketing partners, all travel with Liberty Worldwide through a voyage to new horizons of global leadership in the field.

Liberty Worldwide
Towards Global Leadership

The Liberty network of distributors is expanding at a fast pace in India, Middle East, Asia and Africa. There’s a unique focus on developing countries. Together, our team will form a lineup of marketing partners driven by frontline professionalism and the spirit of entrepreneurship. We are seamlessly geared to take on the best in the world, backed by experts with exposure to international marketing, logistics, and management from Liberty Worldwide.

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Research & Development

Our passion is to create products that protect the engine and offer proactive maintenance by meeting and exceeding industrial standards. For achieving these goals, we are backed up by an outstanding research and development team. Each product of Liberty Worldwide is a result of extensive surveys, in-depth research, meticulous studies, vigorous tests and intensive customer feedback. The lubrication solutions at Liberty Worldwide are tested for vital physical and chemical characteristics before issue of QC certificate to every batch. These tests include Viscosity, TAN, TBN, Pour Point, Insoluble, Weld Load, pH, Copper Strip Corrosion etc as per the most rigorous requirements of lubricants in that particular class. These tests ensure that only the best-in-class products reach the end customer.

We welcome our customers to share their ideas, experiences and special requests and vote at our social networking sites from time to time. Your valuable insights will be received with utmost seriousness and will help us improve our products and services.